Getting into the real estate game can be a little daunting, but well worth the risk. This is why so many aspiring real estate titans take on the challenge in order to hopefully see some positive returns on their work and money. However, because this particular industry is so complicated and cutthroat, you are going to need some help along the way. But what if you don’t know anyone in the real estate market? Who do you turn to then? Fortunately, there are a variety of real estate blogs out there written by some of the most experienced and successful people in the industry. The following includes our favorites and the ones we deem the most valuable.

Zillow Porchlight

If you think that Zillow is just for those wishing to buy a forever home, you’ve got it all wrong. Zillow is in the business of connecting buyers with sellers, and therefore it is in their best interest to entice as many sellers as possible and make the deals happen. This is why they’ve introduced Zillow torchlight to real estate investors. The blog shows people what is hot in the market and what industry trends you should begin to see coming up. In addition, they also provide you with an excellent guide on navigating the legislative aspect of real estate.

Fundraise Education

It can be really tough to find a blog that isn’t just directed towards real estate millionaires. Luckily, we’ve found Fundraise education. The blog provides investors who own 15 or no properties on how to navigate the industry. You will find within their site articles on current issues happening in the world as well as step-by-step guides on getting your first mortgage.

Invest Four More

No matter how many speeches you attend or books you read, the only way you are going to learn about the ins and outs of the reals estate market is through experience. However, not everyone will go through the same experiences simultaneously, and thus it can make learning the ropes a little difficult. Invest four more provides readers with articles relating to real-life experiences and how investors handled those situations. This is certainly a value-packed blog if you’re new to the real estate investment world.