With the advent of social media, the landscape of real estate marketing has been reshaped. The creation of real estate apps as well as websites (e.g. Zillow) has also greatly changed marketing strategies. The main goal of real estate marketing is to get people to buy your property. It’s not enough to just get them in the door. Real estate marketing must do more today than it did ten years ago. Buyers and sellers want to know their agents personally, and social media plays an important role here. Also, real estate reality shows (e.g. Million Dollar Listing New York) have turned agents into celebrities. However, there are many practices you can implement to give your real estate marketing a boost. Here are a few top trends to help your company stand out.


  1. Create a Video — Being able to post a video on several social media properties gives you more exposure. You can not only post on YouTube and Vimeo, but also on LinkedIn and Twitter. The video you create must sell not only the property but also a lifestyle. Buyers want to know the neighborhood they could be buying in as well as the businesses and schools that are in the area. Don’t forget to include captions in your videos! Chances are, many will watch them with the sound off when at work or at events.
  2. Utilize a Variety of Platforms — If you want to get complete coverage of the area your targeting, you must utilize a variety of platforms: direct mail, email and social media. Direct mail is still a great marketing tool. It’s something tangible for buyers and is relatively inexpensive. Email and social media are great tools that focus on customer engagement. Email marketing is a more personal way of reaching out to potential buyers and sellers. And you can even send video emails, which are harder to ignore than traditional emails. Lastly, social media can be used to broadcast your inventory and anything new with your company.
  3. Become a Digital Mayor — A “digital mayor” is the go-to person in a town. As a real estate professional, you can become one by creating quality content about the area you live and work in. Creating videos and blogs on the different neighborhoods, businesses and restaurants is fun and easy to do. People will see that you are promoting your community, which can be a deciding factor when choosing a real estate agent or development. In turn, you are also providing a spotlight on the local businesses and building relationships. It’s also an opportunity to build your brand.