Walls are perhaps the most prominent parts of the entire house. When decorating the interior of the house, many people tend to forget decorating the walls appropriately. A carefully planned wall decoration can help spruce up the entire house and elevate it to an entirely new level. Here are some ideas and tips for features that you can include in your wall to spruce up your home.


  • A Splattered Paint Theme

Homeowners have been used to a uniform color code in the house. You can break this monotony by including an irregular pattern of splattered paint on the walls in your rooms. Using multiple colors and following different motifs can help achieve an energetic and chaotic feeling in a room of your choice.


  • Installing Some Fabric

You may also want to include some fabric along the walls of your house. Wall fabrics that are made of soft cotton are a vital ingredient in helping make a room to feel and appear elevated. The good thing with such a fabric wall is that it can be removed, cleaned, or exchanged within a few minutes to revamp the entire room while giving it a new touch or feeling.


  • Geometric Themed Wallpapers

Wallpapers are a great alternative to the expensive paintings on your walls. Using wallpapers that have geometric imprintings helps give a room a patterned structure. Themed geometric wallpapers are particularly useful in certain rooms such as the sitting room and the home office where room organization is crucial. The geometric theme can be changed, depending on the ultimate touch of feeling that you intend to incorporate within the room.


  • Hanged Paintings and Pictures

The uniform painting of your room can also be broken by hanging paintings and pictures, especially those of nature. Printing or painting a large picture of exotic animals or trees helps make the house feel more relaxed and natural. The good thing with such paintings is that they can be easily changed or shifted from one room to another to help boost a whole new level of feeling.


  • Brick Veneer

Brick veneers are a great option to incorporate in a dining room and entry as they help add some texture and dimension in the house. The theme and color of the fake brick wall can also be changed to achieve varied intents within a room.