Add value to the home when considering upgrades that can come at any cost. Unnecessary improvements are among the biggest mistakes made by homeowners, according to Forbes magazine. Today’s buyer is seeking outdoor upgrades as well as indoor ones. Improve the property value and the comfort of living outside with these tips.


Tidy the Lawn

Lawns that are patchy and discolored are an eyesore that, fortunately, can be fixed easily. Simply seed or use sod to fill in any holes. For severe problems, consider replacing the lawn with water-wise plants or even artificial grass. It is also beneficial to create tree and plant bed borders with stones or bricks. It not only adds visual appeal but also protects them. 


Add Splashes of Color

Fresh paint on trellises or fences can make an amazing difference in an outdoor space. Even homeowners on tight budgets can generally swing a fresh coat of paint. Fresh flowers in bright colors in the garden or in containers also add greatly to the appeal of the yard. Color can also be added by swapping new outdoor pillows for old ones that have been sun-faded, adding a rug, or using other decorative accents tastefully.


Outdoor Living Spaces

This is a big addition to make an outdoor space an extension of the home. It is perfect for entertaining or simply spending time with the family out in the fresh air. Cooking spaces, dining spaces, even an outdoor television all add to an extended living space. Try a fantastic outdoor kitchen with an outdoor gas grill and a fireplace that burns wood to fully create a fine dining ambiance. Prefabricated modular outdoor kitchen and living pieces are also available for those in a hurry to see the project completed.


Outdoor Great Room

More than merely cooking and dining, turn a part of your yard into an outdoor great room. This is a multifunctional space with integrated zones for activities or for quiet conversation. Place comfortable seating around a fireplace or central accent table for the latter.


Plant Trees

Healthy trees that are maintained well can add value to not only the home in question but neighboring houses as well. A properly placed shade tree can save quite a bit annually in energy costs. Be sure to check with architectural committees or homeowners associations for the type of trees or the height of trees that are permitted.