It is likely no surprise to hear that curb appeal can make or break a deal when you are trying to sell a house. Though the interior of a home certainly holds weight, first impressions matter. Even when you are operating on a budget, you should try to prioritize your efforts to maximize the curb appeal of a given property. Doing so can help you manage your finances and increase your chances of making a sale.


Front Door

When potential buyers visit a home, chances are, the front door is the first to greet them. Making a few small changes can greatly impact the impression made on visitors. By painting the door an energizing color, replacing outdated hardware like knobs or knockers, and adorning your porch with healthy potted plants, you can easily make a difference in the way the home is perceived without breaking the bank.


Lawn Care

For a minimal cost, you can manage the lawn and make the yard appear clean, crisp, and attractive. Regularly mowing the lawn, tending to weeds, and taking care of barren patches or brown spots helps make the property look more inviting and healthy. Flower beds can also help promote this image; with lush flower beds and flourishing foliage, the property appears well-maintained all around.


House Cleaning

One of the simplest ways to improve curb appeal is by making an effort to clean away dirt and grime. Clearing away debris from gutters, hosing dirt off siding, and scrubbing windows will do wonders for the general appearance of a property. If you want to deep-clean stone stairs or a deck, you may need to rent a power washer, but doing so is largely unnecessary for simple cleaning efforts.


Driveway Maintenance

Driveways can be overlooked by individuals looking to sell a property, but because of how much space they tend to take up, driveways could impact the success of a sale. In addition to keeping the driveway clear of gardening tools, trash cans, and other unnecessary items, attempting to reseal any cracks that have formed in the driveway can vastly improve its appearance. Depending on the scope of the repairs needed, it is unlikely that a professional needs to be hired, but this task could be one of the most expensive, costing up to $200 for sealant. The cost may vary based on the amount and quality of sealant needed.


Improving curb appeal can be easy and cost-effective. Naturally, a little goes a long way, and more efforts to improve curb appeal will be more beneficial.