Anyone looking into a career in real estate development should know all that it entails before making an educated decision. Understanding what is expected from someone in real estate development and the knowledge needed to pursue this career path is what will help to ensure success in this career.

What they do
Real Estate developers help to promote growth within the real estate industry. Whether you are looking more into commercial or residential these developers will buy property that they will turn into real estate projects. After figuring out if you’d like to move towards commercial or residential development, you can start to develop your skill set in order to succeed in the industry.

Skills Needed
Depending on your choice and path within real estate development, certain skills will be necessary for succession. Many people that get into real estate development will start out in construction or as a real estate agent who was able to buy property and sell for a profit. Some entrepreneurs even go into the real estate development industry as well. Though, any previous experience within real estate and construction can help to get your foot in the door, more than others.

Education required for a career in real estate development can vary depending on your current experience and what specifically you are looking to go into with this field. Something to keep in mind is that a bachelor’s degree is what you want to be looking into for entry into this career path. Past your undergraduate degree, some fields within the industry may require a master’s degree program such as an MBA, Master of Science in Real Estate or Master of Real Estate Development. These fields are more within architecture, law, and planning areas.

Another great way to help break into the real estate development industry is by pursuing real estate internships. Internships will give you that extra experience on top of your bachelor’s degree to really get your foot in the door. These can either be done during your time in college or right after graduation, which can segway into your career.

If you are in search of a long-lasting career that helps to move this industry forward, this may be the option for you. This field can really change the lives of their communities whether they work in residential or commercial real state development.