The construction industry faces many challenges in the coming years, but will be improved with smart technology. Here are some of the key construction industry trends to look for in 2020.


  1. IoT and data collection are top concerns in the industrial sector, which is looking for ways to create greater efficiency in data transmission. New IoT technology can help improve communication and worker safety in the construction industry.


  1. Prefabricated and modular construction are increasing due to lower costs. The process is standardized, allowing for off-site assembly and further cost reductions.


  1. The Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) industry is developing augmented reality as a digital layer of information seen by the user.


  1. The cloud and collaboration tools help maintain the connection between the office and the building site. The cloud serves as a hub for all your team members to share project information and the place where teamwork expands productivity.


  1. The development of robotics and automated smart machines is helping businesses raise productivity while cutting costs and waste.


  1. Demand is growing among manufacturers for high-quality content built into reality. The concept of augmented reality is becoming more widely understood, as it opens the door for mixing computer-generated imagery with a real-world environment. The tools can be used to create digitally-enhanced training sessions.


  1. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is being used more frequently for sophisticated processes such as calculation, production, executions and management stages. It allows for 3D digital representation of physical places.


  1. Artificial intelligence and blockchain are two areas of vast technological growth potential for contractors. While AI devices help track supply chain information, the blockchain is an emerging solution for making secure transactions without the help of a financial institution.


  1. Joining the green revolution will become an even bigger deal in 2020. More and more companies want to show stakeholders they believe in sustainability and social responsibility. Some of the effects of this view have been selection of recyclable and eco-friendly building materials and improving design and demolition projects with more sustainable solutions.


  1. Adding drones equipped with cameras to construction projects has been going on for a few years and will continue. These unmanned aerial vehicles come in handy for accessing remote locations and conducting safety inspections.