For many people, the kitchen is the center of their home. It’s where the family gathers to share a meal and it’s where guests usually hang out during a party. So whether you’re building a new home or you’re doing a renovation, you’ll want to stay on top of current trends in kitchen design. Here are the top 8 kitchen trends in 2019.


Black is Back

Mixing in matte black appliances and fixtures is a funky way to add some contrast to brightly colored or wood finish cabinetry.


Walls and Walls of Storage

Remember the old fashioned butler’s pantry? Well, multiply that several times from floor to ceiling and you’ve got yourself a storage wall. This will give you maximum storage space, something that comes in handy in a smaller kitchen.


Bold and Beautiful

Out with the white and in with the bold and colorful. Try painting your cabinets and walls in complementary bold colors or throw in a similarly colored appliance. Your kitchen will scream “Look at me!”


Less is More

Where did all the knobs and drawer pulls go? Kitchen designers in 2019 are opting for less obvious edge pulls and more seamless cabinets. Take the money you save on the hardware and put that towards upgrading your countertop material.


Backsplash with a Shelf

Kitchen Designers are now exchanging that customary row of upper cabinets with a standout backsplash with a small upper shelf. This gives you the opportunity to showcase some small decorative items.


Getting Back to Mother Nature

Natural stone isn’t just for countertops anymore. Give that bold color a little bit of balance by adding in a stone backsplash or range hood cover.


Mix and Match

If you want to stay with the traditional upper and lower cabinets, that’s cool. To spice things up a bit, think about painting one or both sets in a bright contrasting color.


Personalize Your Kitchen Space

Building on the backsplash upper shelf idea, think about adding something to your kitchen like a glass paneled shelf so you can proudly display some of your personal treasures.