Just as there are many types of buildings in New York City, there are also architectural styles. There are many to choose from, depending on the decade the building was built. The architectural style also lends to the preference of the builder and the available funds for the project. Each style has unique characteristics that makes the building stand apart from the other styles. Below are the top eight architectural styles found in this historic city. 

  1. Reviving the Greeks

The Greek styles of New York City use columns and stair platforms as an architectural pallet. These designs are accompanied by traditional outlines that consist of rectangle entrances and quadrilateral triangle caps. Though this construction is traditionally done with marble slabs, the revival period of New York City uses a mix of granite, concrete and brick.


  1. Beaux-Arts

The classic construction of academia, as specifically found within the city of Paris, develops its style from antiquated motifs. This style scatters across New York City through a mix of Gothic, Renaissance and neoclassicism lines of the 1830s. This architectural type is known for its detailed facades that are topped with subtle domes. Gold figures, as found elevated upon columns, are also common objects.


  1. The Gothic Uprising

The antiquated touch of the 1300s are preserved within the Gothic style. This expression is most widely recognized for its infamous rib vault. You might have seen this architectural display within a Cathedral ceiling before. From the outside of New York’s Gothic buildings, the flying buttresses of Goth provide support to structures and creates unique patterns.


  1. Georgian Inspiration

The colonial styles of the 1700s come to mind when witnessing Georgian architecture at its best. What makes this approach unique is its subtle flares, which are ideal for duplicating into city blocks and dense neighborhoods. This style is currently being used for churches, houses, commercial and government buildings.


  1. Modern and Yet Vintage Art Deco

Art Deco is one of the most recognized architectural styles of The Big Apple. The Empire State building once stood as the largest structure in the United States. It was designed through a vintage style that was first developed in France.


  1. Late Modernism

The “late modernism” of New York captures expressions from a modern era while blending a number of international styles together. Sharp lines, swirling motifs and dazzling heights are the features that you can expect to see around town.


  1. Second Empire Baroque

This French facade was inspired by the emperor of France. The idea behind its mansard roof, lavish moldings and repetitive patterns were intended to resemble the reign of emperor Napoleon III.


  1. Formulating the Federal Style

This form of expression is considered entirely American. You’ll recognize it through simple lines and subtle uses of arches.