Staging a home is what everyone does after he/she has prepared the house for sale. Staging can help get an advantage in the real estate market because buyers have many options. One’s property needs a correct price right and it needs to look better than the competition. Staging a home for sale is the “getting the house dressed up” part. It is analogous to putting on makeup. The house is sound but some cosmetic changes are necessary to make it appealing to the buyer. Staging a home for sale provides warmth and appeal to it – as a home should be. Realizing a home and property can be the biggest investment someone can make is paramount.

Staging a home for sale can begin in any number of rooms. The living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, or a kitchen can all be starting places for staging. One needs to keep in mind the big picture, or concept, of the home when deciding the changes to make. Staging a house needs to make it look cleaner, more inviting, and more loving than other ones on the market.

One reason for staging a home is financial. The National Association of Realtors believes that staging a home increases offer prices by at least 1–5%. That extra percentage adds a good amount to the buyer’s offer. If the seller handles the staging him or herself, that money can go straight into the bank. This money can help start an emergency fund for the seller. The seller could also put it towards a new home. A 2007 study found 94% of staged homes spent 8% less time on the market than on stage ones.

The goal of staging is for potential buyers to go into the home and “see” it as their own. Staging should encourage potential buyers to connect emotionally to the house. You want them to feel like they are already the owner, not the potential buyer.

Remember that staging a home before a sale can maximize the selling price. It also can be a smart investment for the seller and the broker and can help sell your property for the best price. These facts alone can make staging your home worth the trouble when you are ready to sell.