When you decide to buy or build a home, there is a multitude of factors to take into consideration. Of course, there are apparent details such as price range, location, school district, and the age of your home. But, a key element not many people think about is the direction your potential home faces. This is important for many reasons so let’s take a quick look at some of the main reasons to pay attention to the direction of your home.

Door Placement
When it comes to your front door, it’s all about your own opinions and what you prefer. Many people would rather have their guests arrive at the front door. Which means it would have to be located in the front of the house, rather than facing a driveway. Since you may not always want your guests coming in through a mudroom area, it’s essential to have your front door located at the front of the house.  

Window Sunlight
Since everything is based around what your personal preferences are, you will need to decide on a house that allows sunlight to come in at the right time of day. If you enjoy being woken up by the sun, it’s best to have a house facing the rising sun. The same goes for where your potential bedroom will be, so take into consideration if it’s located in the front or back of the house.

Energy Saver
Going right along with the location of sunrise and sunset is the site of your windows and where your outdoor openings are positioned. For example, if you have a home with a large number of windows pointed towards the sun at the hottest times of the day, your air conditioning system will work twice as hard to cool down your house. This is not the most efficient when it comes to saving energy in your home.

Consider Winter Weather
Since winter and cold weather comes directly from the north, if your house is facing this direction, you will likely have stuck to the front of your home for a more extended period, not leaving room for it to melt. This causes difficulty in getting in and out of your driveway and will make it harder for the roof to melt posing possible dangerous icicles. When the back of your house is pointed towards the north, then you will only have to worry about the backyard snow sticking around a bit longer, which clears your front entrances for ease of access.

The point is to consider all of your options when it comes to figuring out the best direction for your new home. Each can come with alternatives and could be a nuisance in their own way. Ultimately, the choice is up to you what you prefer for your future home.