Living in New York is a thrilling idea. Its famous landmarks have been featured in countless films and television shows. The legend of “The City That Never Sleeps” is a daily reality for over 8 million people. Those looking for an apartment there might consider the advantages of a prewar apartment.

For those with an appreciation for history, it can be fascinating to inhabit a living space which doubles as a time capsule of an era right before World War II that caused many drastic cultural and economic changes to society. Architecture tells a story about the values of a people to those who are able to listen.

Prewar apartments also offer a break from the sameness of modern apartment layouts. It is the same principle at work that makes it so that older cities have charming winding corridors. More modern cities are constructed according to logical grid patterns which sacrifice a certain quaint something in the name of efficiency. Prewar apartments were not standardized, and therefore exude a uniqueness which many find appealing.

Another advantage is the truth behind the phrase, “They don’t make them like they used to.” Before the war, apartments were often constructed using higher quality building materials. Craftsmen of the period had a different way of going about things which focused more on how to build a durable unit instead of how to design a repeatable floor plan with a strategic balance between quality and building cost.

This difference can often mean that residents of prewar apartments can enjoy more freedom from noise pollution. Often times, thicker concrete was used in building the walls. To have freedom from the extraneous noise of neighbors and the surrounding bustle of the city is no small thing. An apartment can be a place for study or work, both of which require quiet concentration.

Not having to endure extraneous noise works both ways. An apartment with thicker walls can help keep private matters private. An added layer of security between a resident’s acoustic footprint and the outside world can make all the difference when it comes to peace of mind.

Prewar apartments have quirkiness, quality building materials, and history. For those looking for a living situation that reflects a quality that transcends the modern tendency towards standardization, the answer has been hiding in plain sight.