New interior design styles emerge every year to mix in with traditional styles. Due to the growing interest in sustainability one should look for more greener design solutions in the coming years. This focus is leading to the creation of more eco-friendly and recyclable materials used for furniture and office equipment. Here are emerging trends to look for in 2020.


Balance of Nature and Technology

One of the most effective ways to remind people that nature has a place in modern homes and offices is to place plants in main sitting areas. The balance with technology includes the use of lighting, cameras or other electronic equipment. The goal of sustainability can be achieved by focusing on the balance between nature and technology. Reusing leftover products is one of the strategies to a more sustainable design.


The motto “reuse-reduce-recycle” has become widely embraced and has led many people to turn to local designers for handcrafted furniture. With urban living there’s a trend toward dealing with space limitations. At the same time, there’s a trend toward luxury that has a minimal impact on the environment.


Customized Home Offices

Due to the widespread adoption of the cloud, many businesses now employ remote workers who work from home. As more and more people work from home, there’s a growing need for comfortable customized home offices. Some professionals like to integrate physical fitness equipment in their work environment, since it can increase energy and motivation. Others choose modern minimalism as a theme that fits the direction of sustainability.


Kitchen and Open Floor Plan

Another trend in modern home design is an open floor plan of kitchen, dining and living zones. This design allows for socializing and for parents to watch their children while cooking. The kitchen has become the heart of the modern home, which has led to a new style of open-floor arrangement. Sliding doors and panels help present a tidy design for storage areas in kitchens.


Hybrid Homes for Work and Pleasure

Another developing trend is the hybrid home that accommodates both living and working. This concept affects the traditional separation of rooms, as flexibility becomes increasingly important. The hybrid home encompasses multi-functional rooms with an emphasis on shared living space while still allowing privacy.