With the cost of assisted living facilities and nursing homes on the rise, it’s no wonder that people have been looking for alternative solutions to caring for their aging parents. One option that has been gaining popularity is the Granny Pod. Also known as MEDCottages, these tiny homes are packed with a whole lot of high-tech medical extras and offer a great way to keep grandma and grandpa close to the family while still allowing them some level of independence.


What Is a Granny Pod?


Situated adjacent to the main home, either connected or disconnected, Granny Pods are essentially guest houses that are designed with a geriatric resident in mind. These cozy cottages offer a safe living environment that includes a master bedroom, living room space, a kitchenette, and a walk-in bathroom. The small area makes it less likely for elderly individuals to get confused or lost and the layout is designed to prevent falls or injuries.


These homes are usually equipped with safety features such as an open floor plan, handrails throughout the house, first aid supplies, a defibrillator, lighted floorboards and even a soft floor to reduce the risk of injury from falls. Some Granny Pods are also equipped with medical emergency call buttons throughout the house, making it easy for the elderly individual to get in touch with the main house or summon an ambulance, if necessary. These structures feature double French doors in order to easily accommodate a wheelchair, hospital equipment or an ambulance stretcher in case of emergency.


The close proximity to the main house makes these Granny Pods a great alternative for working adults who want to be close to their parents and can help them with part of their care, but don’t have the space or resources to keep them directly in their home. This layout also encourages more independence from the aging parent, all while providing a safe environment that is designed with their needs in mind.


How Much Do Granny Pods Cost?


With a variety of design and installation options available, the cost of setting up a Granny Pod can range anywhere from $40,000 to $125,000, depending on the size and the included amenities. The pod will also share water, sewer and electric with the main home, increasing the cost of utilities. It’s also important to note that many communities may not be zoned for Granny Pods or may have restrictions regarding their installation, so it’s important that you get in touch with your local zoning office before purchasing one.


All in all, Granny Pods offer a useful alternative to nursing homes or solitary living that can help promote family unity, all while preserving the independence of parents and children.